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Posted by Linn
on 13 Oct 2016
From the UK been in the UAE for 1 year on a visitors visa for 30days do I need to stay out the UAE for 24hrs to renew for 40 days visa .
Meagan on 13 Oct 2016
Hi Linn,

If I understand correctly, you're saying you've been in the UAE for a year, using a 30-day tourist visa to get into the country?

At the very least, you'll be subject to a fine for this - I think they impose a charge per day of overstay. This will need to be paid at immigration or at the airport when you exit. It's also possible that you might be banned or put on a black list because you've overstayed. For clarity you should query this and the consequences with your nearest UK embassy. Because you've overstayed for so long, yours isn't a typical case and it's difficult to be sure of what exactly will happen.

For a new visit visa, as far as I'm aware you'll need to be out of the country for one month before returning (unless you've been blacklisted - then it will be longer before you can go back to the UAE).

Best of luck.

Meagan on 14 Oct 2016
Hi Linn,

Regarding your other forum posts – please refrain from reposting the same question more than once. This is against the terms of use of the forum, so I've taken those posts down. I'm sure you can understand why this is a necessary rule for the forum.

As I said in my previous reply, I think you need to speak to your local UK embassy as they'll be able to tell you exactly what you need to do and whether there are any new regulations to follow.

May I ask why you're renewing your visit visa instead of obtaining a more permanent visa? You might want to consider a multi-entry business visa or a residence visa, as this would save you a lot of time and effort in the long run. See this page for more info on the types of visa.

Best of luck with your visa situation. I hope it gets sorted soon.

Linn on 13 Oct 2016
Have been in the UAE for one year on a visitors visa and renewed it ever 30 day with the border. I have heard that you now have to stay out the UAE for 24 hrs before returning on a 40 day visa. Can anyone confirm this.
Anonymous (not verified) on 27 Nov 2016
howmuch isthe tourist visa/short term for staying and landing in Abu Dhabi,it is of 30 days or 40 days ?