Weather in Jeddah

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22 July 2011
Seems like a lot of expats complain about the weather in Jeddah. I'm coming from snow, freezing rain and below zero temperatures; so heat and humidity are definitely welcome. That said, is it completely overbearing. Do most places have air-conditioning?
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The heat in Jeddah can definitely be unbearable, but most expats live in apartments or compounds fully exquipped with air-conditioning. All the big malls (the highlight of Jeddah social life) also have air conditioning. The humidity can be stifling and the best thing to do is to beef up your wardrobe with light, linen based suits (if working in a professional environment) and cotton clothing in general.

During a heat wave, the humidity can be so oppressive you can't venture outdoors; so be prepared to experience a different kind of cabin fever, and learn how to open car doors and man steering wheels with pot holders.
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Hi Global Nomad,

The weather throughout Saudi Arabia varies considerable. However, I think expats living inland will have more difficulty managing with the extreme temperatures than those on the coast. While the tempreatures in Jeddah are fairly manageable humidity might be a problem.

Thankfully, pretty much all shopping malls and office complexes will have air conditioning so when your indoors the heat shouldn't effect you as much.

Take a look at our Weather and Climate in Saudi Arabia page for more information on what to expect.

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