What is the Internet connectivity in Bishkek (residential)?

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By mirrer - Posted on
22 May 2012
Is it fine for streaming? Skype (with video)? either? both?
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It can vary depending on what type of plan you get or which provider you chose, but generally the internet is decent. Streaming can be so-so depending on the time of day or amount of activity going on (for example, I share my home internet with my office internet next door, so when 8 people are using the internet, things can slow down a bit, but usually on weekends it's fine). Skype with video, I've found, is usually too much for my internet to handle (I have Kyrgyztelecom) and it drops the call, but the calls themselves usually work pretty well. I've had good results with MegaLine and SaimaNet before, but they don't offer service at my new place so I'm stuck with Kyrgyztelecom. It's not horrible, but I do think there are better options. I've also found that each service provider offers a very wide variety of speed and data plans, so technically you can get super fast internet in Bishkek, but it may end up costing hundreds of dollars per month. I hope this helps!
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I surely do not recommend Megaline as the connections are dropped for hours and days;

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