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on 24 Jun 2012
I'm a sixteen year old girl. My dad is seriously looking into a company in saudi arabia. I know that we would live on a compound, and i would be allowed to wear what i want. But what is there to do? Also what are schools like? I'd likely be attending the American international school. I just kind of want to know a litle bit.
GabyS on 25 Jun 2012
Hi Keven

Take a look around the Moving to Saudi Arabia pages for a general introduction, especially Expat Experiences in Saudi Arabia, which includes stories and testimonies from other expats about life in Saudi Arabia. Women in Saudi Arabia will gve you a bit of insight into what you have in store.

To answer you question: there will be less to do than you're used to, and you may find you get a little bored. Still, the large Western compounds have things like cinemas, bowling alleys, restaurants, golf courses, salons, etc and it'll be easier to make friends there than if you were living in a flat or house in town. I'm sure you'll also make friends at school.