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Posted by mthomas13
on 20 Apr 2017
My son and I want to go to London and stay from August to the following May so that he can attend school there. What documents/visa do we need? Can he attend a state (free) government run school or is his only choice a private/religious school?
Meagan on 21 Apr 2017
Hi there,

What nationality are you and your son? This will have an effect on your visa requirements.

Anonymous (not verified) on 21 Apr 2017
We are both citizens of the USA. Sorry, I should have included that information. Thanks for responding! Marilyn
anhbin on 20 Jul 2019

Hello all, 

sorry for interrupting but May I ask the same question for my and my Son please ? We are holding Viet Nam passport . We have been living in Singapore for 5 years and now I want to move to London for my son’s education. I’m a single mom. I’m trying to find a good private school in London for my son. Do you know if I can move follow my son if he study here and which pass shall we apply please ?

Many thanks! 

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