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on 23 Mar 2013
Dear, I am Indian citizen (Indian Passport holder).

I am a Ayurvedic doctor & Yoga teacher with Shiat-su & other therapeutic techniques.

I hve visited Spain for my seminars & training every year last 8 yrs. My organizer can arrange to apply for a work permit.

I need to know- (1) Can I have minimum 8 months work permit from March 2014 , 2015 & till 2020 ?

(2) If I apply for work permit to work as a salaried employee,do I need to pay tax to Spain government from my pocket? If yes, How much as per present law?

(3) Are there any major indications or restictions regarding money transfer / taxation / payments to be done to Spain government.

Thanksing you in anticipation. Muchas Gracias.
Shantalie on 26 Mar 2013
Hi Shirish,

As a Non EU Citizen you face a long and tedious process to look forward to when in comes to obtaining a work permit for Spain. First of all you need a job offer before you can apply for a the work permit. In fact, this is easier said than done because in reality most employers will be unwilling to offer a position to a foreigner until they have a work permit. This ends up being a Catch 22 situation. So having someone to assist you will be a great advantage for you. 

Usually, a work permit will be granted for the length of your contract and then you apply for a renewal.

For a step-by-step guide on the process for Spain, take a look at our pages on Work Permits for Spain.

If you are living and working in Spain for more than 183 days you will be required to pay taxes in Spain. It is best to see if India has entered into any treaties with Spain to avoid Indian citizens being double taxed. 

For more information, I suggesst you read the Banking, Money and Taxes in Spain page. 

Hope this helps. Good luck in Spain.