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  • the United Kingdom
    I am writing on behalf of my Aunt & Uncle who are both in their 80s. They have been living in Florida for the past 30 years but both of them...
    2 | 16 weeks 4 days
  • Dubai
    Good afternoon. I might have the chance of moving to Dubai with my wife and daughter. In case it´s relevant for the question I´m asking,...
    2 | 7 weeks 1 day
  • Shanghai
    Hi There, I will be interning in Shanghai, China for a period of 6 months from Feb 2017 and seeking shared apartment for the duration of my stay. I...
    1 | 17 weeks 5 days
  • Shanghai
    Hi, I was applying for some internship in Shanghai and the company told me that they offer 4000 rmb a month after tax, that amount will last for 6...
    1 | 17 weeks 5 days
  • the United Kingdom
    Hi Guys I'm in need of a bit of advise, my Fiance is Malaysian and she is looking to move across next year for a few years while we build a house...
    3 | 17 weeks 5 days
  • Malaysia
    Hi Guys In a few years time I'm looking to move to Sarawak with my wife who comes from that part of Malaysia. I have read that they require you...
    3 | 6 weeks 4 days
  • South Africa
    Does anyone have a current timeline for the time it takes to get a Permanent residence permit? My husband applied in December 2015 and the consulate...
    2 | 5 weeks 1 day
  • Taiwan
    Hi, I am getting a offer from software company from taiwan. but I am hepatitis B carrier can I clear medical test for work visa and they check...
    1 | 18 weeks 3 days
  • Malaysia
    I work as an expat teaching staff for an international school in Malaysia. I wish to change my work place to another Intl school in Malaysia. How can...
    3 | 17 weeks 4 days
  • United Arab Emirates
    Hello everyone. I am currently living in Dubai. I know that there are a lot of tourist destination here. Like the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Dubai...
    1 | 17 weeks 5 days
  • the Netherlands
    We are a family of three looking to move from the U.S. to Europe, but are having trouble deciding on a specific place. If it helps, here is some more...
    Zero | 18 weeks 5 days
  • New Zealand
    i am an indian citizen working in dubai as a physiotherapist.i would like to become a PR in new zealand,live and work status. i want to move my...
    Zero | 18 weeks 6 days
  • Valencia
    Hi, My husband and I are planning a move to Valencia mid-2017. We know the city well, I have a good grasp of Spanish while my husband is learning. I...
    Zero | 18 weeks 6 days
  • South Africa
    Hi, I will be living in Cape Town for three months from February through May 2017 with my 8-year-old son. We are moving from the United States. I...
    4 | 17 weeks 5 days
  • Sweden
    I am planning on moving to the Stockholm area to pursue a PhD. I have an 8 year old child, and I would like to know where she would be eligible to...
    1 | 2 weeks 3 days
  • India
    Hi all- we are relocating to Bangalore from Hong Kong and would like to look into bringing our Filipino domestic helper with us, as we consider her...
    Zero | 19 weeks 1 day
  • Dubai
    Hello, I just passed my driving test and now I'm planning to buy a car and from my childhood Ford Mustang has been a dream car for me but I have...
    Zero | 19 weeks 1 day
  • China
    I am living in Nanshan, West of SZ. Very close to SZ Bay. I searched on maps and found decathlon that does cheap deals for bikes but are they any...
    Zero | 19 weeks 1 day
  • the USA
    I'm an LGBT black man and have been thinking of moving to the US with my partner, but since Trump has been elected I've been really scared...
    5 | 4 weeks 5 days
  • Doha
    I was sent a job offer by a company in Doha, I have been emailing back and forth with a HR person for the company, but he is using a gmail address. I...
    2 | 18 weeks 4 days

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