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  • Dubai
    I am presently a non resident of UAE, Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Me and my wife are intending to start new small business of Beauty and Hair Stylist Salon...
    Zero | 11 weeks 6 days
  • Oman
    Hi there I'm considering going to teach in the Middle East, and Oman has become a possibility. I like the idea of it because it isn't as...
    3 | 4 weeks 24 min
  • Romania
    Hi everyone I'm considering applying for an HR position based in Bucharest. I know Romania isn't exactly the most popular destination for...
    2 | 11 weeks 6 hours
  • Taipei
    Hi there I am considering going to teach abroad for a year from next year. I know a few friends in South Korea and China, but was wondering about...
    1 | 11 weeks 5 hours
  • Ireland
    Hello My name is Pravesh, and I have been offered a job at a IT company in Dublin. I was wondering - is this a good idea? I know it will be very...
    1 | 12 weeks 5 hours
  • Dubai
    I am a student looking to study in university in Dubai. I have two questions. One is, can I study in Dubai on a work permit? The second one is, what...
    1 | 11 weeks 6 days
  • Oman
    Do I need to have my employment card with me to leave Oman? My employer hasn't issued the card and I need to go out of the country.
    2 | 12 weeks 5 hours
  • China
    Hello We have recently started the process of investigating a possible move to Chengdu with our family. We are two adults, two children and a dog....
    2 | 10 weeks 1 day
  • Portugal
    Hi, I’m a Portugese passport holder and have lived in the UK. My wife holds a Indian passport has Residence card of a Family Member of an EEA...
    2 | 1 week 4 days
  • Barcelona
    Hi I am planning on movin to barcelona with my new partner and my kids (if the want to) I'd just like to kno more about the place, and to b sure...
    2 | 11 weeks 3 days
  • India
    Hi Can anyone help me out by suggesting a gated community near green wood international school bangalore to rent in the first place Rs 30000 to 45...
    Zero | 12 weeks 3 days
  • Spain
    I have now obtained a residency status in Spain, just to avoid the hassle of obtaining a tourist visa, however, the maximum time I would spend in...
    3 | 12 weeks 2 days
  • Oman
    I had a very important courier pack sent to me by UK Mail. It has been here for 3 weeks now and I have the AWB no. etc. Who do I contact here to find...
    Zero | 12 weeks 3 days
  • Abu Dhabi
    Hi there,my husband is thinking of perhaps taking a job in Abu Dhabi next year and I'm desperately worried about our son. He will be 16 then and...
    1 | 12 weeks 3 days
  • New York City
    Hi I am getting new job in NYC . My package will be 7000 usd per month plus accommodation, medical, probably tax too. We are four of us. My...
    2 | 9 weeks 4 days
  • Abu Dhabi
    My husband was offered a job w/ an annual salary of 440,000 AED 132,000 AED for housing, 3,600/month for car, some travel paid, and medical insurance...
    1 | 10 weeks 3 days
  • Cape Town
    HI I am heading over the Cape Town to live for a year. I am coming over with 13,000 NZD Dollars which is about 110,000R. I also have a job at a...
    1 | 12 weeks 6 hours
  • China
    Am repatriating to China( My home country ) after 4 years expat life in Sweden .. what could be salary expectation ?i got the offer of 70% lesser...
    1 | 2 weeks 3 days
  • Qatar
    What kind of "severe weather" (other than the heat), can we expect? For instance severe thunderstorms?? How intense do they get?? How often...
    1 | 12 weeks 6 hours
  • Qatar
    We are white, and adopted our brown daughter at birth. She is already 7 and in grd 2 in South Africa. Moving to Qatar for work during next few months...
    1 | 12 weeks 5 days

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