Financial Advice for Expats

financial advice for expatsWhether you are a young executive planning your first move overseas or a high net worth individual, there are many financial matters to consider when moving abroad. These include opening a bank account and buying heath insurance or life insurance to tax planning, pensions and offshore investments.

Most of the best international companies offer their employees some kind financial advice before their move abroad, but those without the support of a big company HR team, or relocation firm should consider taking advice from an independent financial advisor before moving abroad.

As part of our mission to offer expats all the essential information on their new home, Expat Arrivals will be commissioning and sourcing articles on expat financial advice from experts worldwide:

Advice from financial experts

5 tips for purchasing property abroad
US property: The most and least affordable markets

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Top 10 tips for transferring your money internationally
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Options when moving money abroad
High interest offshore bank accounts
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Finances 101: Guide to Money Management for Expats Emigrating to Australia
Finances 101: Guide to Money Management for Expats Relocating to the UK

Salary Guides

Protect your pension funds from IHT with a QNUPS
Receiving your pension in the UAE
QROPS in the UAE
Pension planning for expats
How emigrating from the UK affects your pension rights
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The truth about off-shore pensions

Tax advice for UK expats
Moving Abroad? Everything you need to know about tax filing requirements for American expats
US expat tax in Thailand
Taxes, wills and pension schemes for British expats in the UAE
Filing a tax return for an American living abroad
Q&A: American Expat Tax Returns
The Dutch income tax system
Am I a non-resident for UK tax purposes?
Consequences for not filing US income taxes as an American expat 
What Americans Need to Know About Foreign Bank Accounts

Can frequent flyer credit cards benefit expats?
Buying property in Dubai: risks and rewards

The importance of travel and expat health insurance when going abroad

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