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There's no fine art to expat living; a stint overseas can finish with a fairy tale ending just as often as it can end up a repressed memory.

But as the wise and experienced initiates of the expat realm will tell you, chartering into unknown territory is half the fun.

That being said, there's no better way to prepare yourself for a move abroad than to read about the trials and tribulations of expats living and working overseas who've been there done that.

That's why as part of our expat living section we've collected hundreds of unique articles, personal interviews, pieces of expert advice and fast fact-sheets that can help you on your way to understanding your move abroad.

Read on to learn more about financial advice, issues of the expat woman, working overseas or overcoming culture shock.

Planning your move

Information and tips on what to consider when planning a move abroad

5 Things to Look Out for in a Health Insurance Provider

Expat Check List: Tips for Planning your Relocation

Where and How to Start Planning When Moving Abroad

What you need to know about moving your pets to the UK, Australia and the UAE.

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Financial advice for expats

expat financial advice
Information about expat tax, property, money management and financial planning

Rental boom is good news for property investors in Istanbul

Tax Advice for UK expats

What do you need to earn to sustain a decent lifestyle in the UAE?

US Property: The most and least affordable markets

5 tips for buying property abroad

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The Expat Woman

the expat woman
Information for expat woman, expat families, a trailing spouse, or a parent raising a child abroad

Tips to help children cope with moving to another country 

The trailing spouse need not be such a drag

Why join an expat woman's group?

More articles about expat woman

Working Overseas

expats working overseas
Information about expat jobs, career development, setting up a business and expat contract negotiation

What to consider when choosing a location for your business in Dubai

Top 20 Destinations for British Expats

How to set up a business in the UAE

Expat contract negotiation

What to do if you can't find a job abroad

More articles about expats working overseas

Overcome culture shock

overcoming culture shock as an expat
Information about the stages of culture shock, how to cope with culture shock, customs and etiquette, and language transition

The benefits of being spat on by an old Greek woman

Beating loneliness as an expat living abroad or working overseas

More articles about overcoming culture shock

editor's choice expat living articlesEditor's Choice

Expat living articles that strike a nerve, hit a chord, or just generally linger longer.

Places to see in Spain – Segovia

Understanding Health Insurance in the USA

Every Foreigner's Favourite Conversation

Things to consider before driving abroad

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expat book reviewsBook Reviews

Expat book reviews written by expats for expats. Find a guide, a memoir or the perfect teaching tool to help make your relocation a success.

My Moving Booklet

Home keeps moving

Safe Passage

More expat book reviews

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