Cost of Living in Hungary

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Currency in Hungary by JeaneeemThe cost of living in Hungary is on a par or just below that of other European countries. The larger cities, particularly Budapest, are more expensive than countryside towns; however a general rule of thumb is that if you buy local you will spend less. That being said, Western brands are available and they are not exorbitantly expensive when compared to prices back home. Expats tend to earn higher salaries than their Hungarian counterparts, which affords them a better quality of life.

The 2012 Mercer Cost of Living Survey put Budapest at 142nd out of 214 countries.  

Cost of living in Hungary chart (Based on Budapest, 2013)


Furnished two bedroom apartment HUF 65,000
Unfurnished two bedroom apartment HUF 120,000


Dozen eggs HUF 550
Milk (1 litre) HUF 220
Rice (1 kg) HUF 300
Loaf of white bread HUF 180 
Chicken breasts (1kg) HUF 1,445
Pack of cigarettes (Marlboro) HUF 800

Eating out

Big Mac meal HUF 1,400
Coca Cola (500ml) HUF 250
Cappuccino  HUF 350
Bottle of beer (local) HUF 380
Three course meal at a mid-range restaurant HUF 8,000

Utilities/household (monthly)

Mobile call rate (per minute – mobile to mobile) HUF 35
Internet (Uncapped ADSL or cable – average per month)  HUF 4,500
Basic utilities (Average per month for standard household) HUF 50,000


Taxi rate/km

HUF 240
Bus fare in the city centre  HUF 350
Gasoline (per litre) HUF 420

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