Education and Schools in Istanbul

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Primary and secondary education in Istanbul are compulsory for all children from the age of six. Although expat children are allowed to attend public schools in Istanbul for free, as the quality of public schooling is variable and, due to the fact that the language of instruction at public schools in the city is Turkish, most expat parents choose to send their children to international schools in Istanbul, of which there are a number to choose from. 
International schools in Istanbul cater to various foreign nationalities and offer a variety of international curricula and foreign-language instruction. Most international schools in Istanbul also offer students the opportunity to learn the Turkish language, and have field trips and cultural activities to assist children to assimilate better into the Turkish culture and society.
Space at international schools in Istanbul can be limited, so parents are advised to apply as early as possible. Exorbitant fees are another factor to consider; basic fees can be accompanied by numerous additional expenses such as school uniforms, text books, extra-curricular activities and transport. Parents therefore need to budget carefully, and if moving to Istanbul as part of a corporate relocation, should factor schooling costs into their contract negotiations before moving to Turkey.

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