Moving to Barbados

The easternmost island of the Lesser Antilles, Barbados is one of the most developed countries in the Caribbean and is an increasingly popular expat destination.

The population of about 290,000 people largely stems from African, European and North American origins. The capital, Bridgetown, is the cultural and commercial centre and the island’s largest city. It is also where the majority of the population live and work.

The economy of Barbados has traditionally been based on agriculture, with the main exports being sugar, rum and molasses. Other sectors, including tourism and offshore financial services, form an important part of the economy. It is within these industries that expats living in Barbados will likely find employment. However, it is not that easy to secure employment in Barbados as jobs are generally reserved for locals, unless there are no applicants with the necessary skills for the position.

Expats moving to Barbados need not worry about healthcare, as Barbados has an excellent healthcare system, consisting of both private and public healthcare facilities. There is only one international school on the island, but there are a number of other private schools that parents may also find suitable.

In terms of getting around in Barbados, navigating the island is easy, especially because it is so small. Although it's possible to walk to many destinations, there are bus routes that cross the island. Taxi services are also readily available from most locations in Barbados.  

Barbados offers expats a relaxed outdoor lifestyle and there are many activities to keep them busy and active on weekends from fishing, hiking and cycling to cricket (the national sport) and golf.

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