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Updated 20 Apr 2023

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Embarking on a new life overseas can be daunting, and expats often need expert guidance to navigate the complexities of a new culture, language and lifestyle. This is where worldwide relocation companies step in as a lifeline, offering services designed to ease the burdens of relocating and settling into a new country. These professional advisers, or relocation consultants, provide personalised solutions for every stage of the international moving process.

Pre-departure planning and orientation

The journey begins with meticulous pre-departure planning. Relocation consultants conduct comprehensive orientation sessions to provide clients with exhaustive information on their destination country. These sessions cover essential topics such as local customs, culture, transportation options, healthcare, education and the housing market. By addressing any concerns and questions before departure, relocation companies help minimise the inevitable uncertainties of moving to a new country.

Visa and immigration assistance

Decoding the intricacies of global visa and immigration rules can be confusing and time consuming. Relocation consultants provide invaluable expertise in guiding clients through the entire process. From gathering the necessary documentation and completing visa applications to assisting with renewals and extensions, these professionals offer expert advice every step of the way.

Home search and housing assistance

Securing a suitable home is crucial to a successful relocation. Worldwide relocation companies work closely with local real estate agents to find the perfect accommodation, considering factors such as budget, location and individual preferences. Their in-depth knowledge of the local housing market helps clients avoid common pitfalls and ensures they secure the best possible living arrangements for their needs.

Relocation consultants also offer furniture rental services for clients who prefer temporary furnishings. In addition, they provide lease review and negotiation support, ensuring that clients understand their rights and responsibilities under their rental agreements.

School and education consultancy

For expats with children, selecting the right educational institution can be a significant concern. Relocation consultants provide expert guidance on local schools and educational systems, helping families make informed decisions about their children's most suitable schooling options. By arranging school visits, discussing curriculum choices and assisting with enrolment processes, consultants ensure the transition to a new educational environment is as smooth as possible.

Language and cultural training

Adapting to a new language and culture can be one of the most challenging aspects of an international move. Relocation consultants offer tailored language and cultural training programmes to help expats acclimate to their new surroundings quickly. These specialists provide language lessons and cultural workshops to enable clients to communicate effectively and integrate seamlessly into the local community.

Settling-in services

Once expats have arrived in their new country, relocation consultants continue to offer support through a range of settling-in services. These may include assistance with opening a bank account, registering for healthcare, obtaining local driving licences and setting up utilities. By helping with these practical matters, worldwide relocation companies make it easier for clients to settle into their new lives abroad.

Spouse and partner relocation support

Relocating can be a significant life change for accompanying partners or spouses, who may struggle to establish a sense of purpose and belonging in their new environment. Relocation consultants offer specialised support for these individuals, helping them find job opportunities, connect with local networks and access career counselling services. This support enables accompanying partners to build fulfilling lives alongside their expat spouses.

Ongoing relocation assistance and repatriation support

Relocation consultants remain a valuable resource throughout the entire duration of an expat's stay. They are available to address ongoing concerns, provide recommendations for local services, and assist with any unforeseen challenges. Additionally, when it comes time to return home, worldwide relocation companies provide expert repatriation support to ensure a smooth transition back to the home country.

International relocation companies

crown relocation company

Crown Relocations

Crown Relocations provides transportation, destination and immigration services, and family support to assist people relocating internationally. With experts based in more than fifty countries worldwide, they provide the support, guidance, care and personal attention needed to ensure a successful and seamless move for you and your family.



K2 Corporate Mobility

K2 Corporate Mobility is an independent, international relocation firm that provides personalised packages to support every type of domestic and international transfer, short-term or long-term. Operating globally with streamlined, efficient and personalised services, K2 Corporate Mobility is worth considering when moving internationally.



NuCompass Mobility

NuCompass is an international firm with over 50 years of experience helping companies relocate. Expert-led services help organisations, employees and their families effectively manage their international relocations. Through effective technological procedures and solutions, NuCompass provides specialised support throughout the moving process, tailored to individual needs.




Sanelo specialises in providing customised end-to-end international moving services. Their experts are available 24/7 to ensure things go to plan and that their clients are always supported during the process. Clients get five-star protection and coverage, first-rate packing, and expert guidance on immigration and customs clearance, all through a single point of contact.


Santa Fe

Santa Fe Relocation

With more than 50 years of experience, Santa Fe Relocation offers a full spectrum of relocation services. They are a global firm that can manage any international move for both corporate relocations and individual expats. Their services include everything from home search, school search and moving services to arrival orientation, pet relocation, and more.




SIRVA is a top relocation firm, providing a full suite of international moving services for employee relocation all around the globe. Leading corporations, government agencies, employees and expanding families who are transferring and moving internationally will have all their relocation needs met with SIRVA.


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