Education and Schools in Atlanta

The Atlanta public schooling system is managed by the Atlanta Board of Education. Schools in Atlanta consist of public, charter, private and international schools. As with the rest of the US, the Georgia schooling system is divided into three levels:

  • Elementary school – Kindergarten to Grade 5

  • Middle school – Grade 6 to Grade 8

  • High school – Grade 9 to Grade 12

Public schools in Atlanta

The majority of children in Georgia State are enrolled in the public schooling system, and it is not uncommon for new arrivals to send their children to a local public school in Atlanta.

Placement at a public school is determined by where the family lives, so those with children will want to ensure that they move to a good schooling district. 

Charter schools

Charter schools are a subset of public schools governed by a non-profit board and operating on a performance-based contract with the government. Though charter schools are bound to the American curriculum, they have more flexibility than regular public schools and are able to determine their own policies and teaching style. These schools generally achieve good academic results.

Magnet schools

Like charter schools, magnet schools are state-funded. However, magnet schools are not bound by the US curriculum and are instead able to develop their own. Each magnet school typically focuses on a specialised subject area, like science, the performing arts or languages.

Private and international schools in Atlanta

There are many good private schools in Atlanta, including single-sex schools and schools with a religious affiliation. There are also one or two international schools in the state of Georgia that offer the International Baccalaureate curriculum, including the Atlanta International School, a private elementary, middle and high school.

Education at private and international schools comes at a high price, and each school has its own admission requirements, which may involve tests and personal interviews. Competition for a place at the best private and international schools can be fierce and parents should apply well in advance as places may be limited.

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