Perched at the foothills of the Chestnut Ridge Mountains, Mount Pleasant is a borough located southeast of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. With a population of just over 4,000, Mount Pleasant is a small town with a tight-knit yet friendly and welcoming local community.  

Mount Pleasant is famous for its glass manufacturing industry. The town's industrial roots remain active today, with many new arrivals moving to Mount Pleasant and gaining employment in the manufacturing sector.  

Cost of living in Mount Pleasant

Housing costs in Mount Pleasant are moderate, contributing to a lower overall cost of living. Although home prices in the town are affordable, utilities can be steep, particularly during the freezing winter months.  

Living expenses like groceries and transportation are also fairly pricey. Public transport in Mount Pleasant is limited, so new arrivals will likely need to purchase and maintain a vehicle to get around the town. Newcomers can reduce their grocery costs by shopping at discount stores and buying in bulk.  

Fortunately, healthcare in Mount Pleasant is priced below the national average. Nevertheless, as healthcare in the USA is expensive, it remains essential to secure comprehensive health insurance.  

See Cost of Living in Pittsburgh to learn more about regional living costs. 

Getting around in Mount Pleasant

Getting around Mount Pleasant is most efficient by car. The town is largely car-dependent, and owning a vehicle makes travelling to neighbouring towns and cities more accessible.

Buses are the main form of public transport in Mount Pleasant. Operated by West Moreland Transit, they operate services from Mount Pleasant to Pittsburgh Flyer, Greensburg, and Scottdale. The transport company also offers a door-to-door service for people living with disabilities.  

Mount Pleasant also has a small geographic footprint, making walking one of the best and healthiest ways to get around the town. Although Mount Pleasant doesn't have urban cycling infrastructure, cycling remains a convenient mode of travel.

Getting Around in Pittsburgh has more information on the city's public transport.

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Healthcare in Mount Pleasant

New arrivals moving to Mount Pleasant will have access to highly-rated healthcare facilities. Independence Health System is the most extensive hospital system operating in Mount Pleasant, and its main hospital is Independence Health Frick Hospital. The hospital offers a cutting-edge sleep centre and general acute, surgical, and emergency services.  

The Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh also has a local branch in Mount Pleasant. The Saber Healthcare Group provides various rehabilitation services at its Harmon House Health and Rehab Centre. Newcomers who require advanced elective care or specialised services are encouraged to visit the hospitals in nearby Pittsburgh.  

Read Understanding Health Insurance in the USA to learn about the national health insurance system. 

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Schools in Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant's residents hold education in high regard, and several good K–12 and higher education institutions are within the borough limits. Naturally, the town's top-notch public schools are in the more upscale neighbourhoods. Parents should thoughtfully weigh their options when deciding where to live in town.

Mount Pleasant Area School District manages public schools in the town. The school district boasts an impressive 15-to-1 student-teacher ratio and has five schools serving more than 1,900 students. Numerous federal programmes cater to children with special educational needs and those who are academically gifted.  

Mount Pleasant has a handful of private schools for parents looking to educate their children in smaller classrooms using alternative educational approaches. Most private schools in the town teach through a Catholic or Christian framework, but finding a Montessori school is also possible. Admissions to private schools are also not based on any geographic limits, expanding neighbourhood options for parents.  

Mt. Carmel Christian School offers its students the American curriculum through a Christian lens. The school drives holistic student development through its robust athletics and arts programmes. Verna Montessori School is a unique school that uses Montessori methods to educate children from Pre-K to the eighth grade.  

Although no international schools exist in Mount Pleasant, parents can look for International Baccalaureate (IB) schools in Pittsburgh to ensure their children receive a globally recognised education.  

Our Education and Schools in Pittsburgh has more on the city's education system and local schools. 

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Accommodation in Mount Pleasant

The housing market in Mount Pleasant is one of the town's biggest drawcards for new arrivals looking to get on the property ladder. Homes in the town are affordable and consist of mostly single-family homes.  

Young professionals and single newcomers seeking smaller properties can also find a few converted apartments, condos, and duplexes in Mount Pleasant. There are also various architectural styles, including ranch-style, American Foursquare, and Victorian. 

Mount Pleasant is a small suburb with approximately five neighbourhoods associated with the borough. Properties in the historic centre are the most sought after as they boast proximity to the town's bustling restaurants, antique shops, and convenience stores. Many young professionals base themselves here to ensure easy access to highways and ease their work commutes.  

Many families moving to Mount Pleasant with children opt for Ramsay Terrace for its proximity to Ramsay Elementary School and the diversity of housing options in the neighbourhood. Newcomers can find everything from historic homes to pricier new constructions with all the bells and whistles.  

Acme is another fantastic family-friendly neighbourhood with beautiful homes on large lots and incredible natural landscapes. Homes in this area are more luxurious mountainside houses, and Donegal Elementary School and Mount Pleasant Area High School are close by.

See Accommodation in Pittsburgh to find out more about regional housing practices. 

Lifestyle in Mount Pleasant

As an idyllic mountainside town, Mount Pleasant offers its residents a lifestyle based on outdoor and sporting activities. Still, newcomers from all walks of life can find something fun to see and do in the town.  

Fitness and outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy a plethora of activities in Mount Pleasant, such as skiing, hiking, fishing, and white-water rafting. The Laurel Highlands region is a short drive away and is the perfect spot for a family weekend away any time during the year.  

The borough is also home to a number of green spaces where children can access playgrounds and walking trails, with Frick Park being the most popular. Sports lovers can also participate in the town's recreational football, baseball, softball, and soccer leagues.  

History buffs will relish exploring Mount Pleasant's historic centre and the Veteran's Park Centre of Mount Pleasant. The memorial park honours veterans of all military branches and hosts the annual Mount Pleasant Glass and Ethnic Festival. This festival celebrates the town's glass manufacturing history.

Although gourmands will only have access to a few cuisines in Mount Pleasant, the borough still has several restaurants that pack a punch. Most of the town's restaurants are family owned and offer American cuisine as well as craft beer specials.

The Christmas Parade and Nativity Scene Ceremony are some of the most exciting events on the borough's annual calendar. Streets are closed, and residents gather to sing Christmas carols early in December, while the historic centre is adorned with larger-than-life Christmas decorations.

Shopaholics and those seeking more diverse dining and entertainment are encouraged to drive to Pittsburgh for more options. For a list of the best sights and attractions in Pittsburgh, check out our Lifestyle in Pittsburgh page.

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