Located in the heart of Tennessee, Nashville is both the state capital and its most populous city. Traditionally known for its legendary country music, famous 'hot chicken' and world-renowned Southern hospitality, Nashville has now also become a hub for economic growth. No longer just a mecca for country music fans, Nashville is, in fact, one of the USA’s fastest-growing cities with around 100 people said to be arriving each day.

Living in Nashville as an expat

While job opportunities are plentiful, especially for those with background and experience in healthcare, technology, finance and music, the workplace in Nashville is much more laid-back and the work-life balance healthier than in bigger cities. While salaries are not particularly competitive, most employees report experiencing high levels of job satisfaction as well as job security.

New arrivals to Nashville will find that there is no short supply when it comes to housing. Young professionals looking for plush apartment living will find plenty of options in trendy areas close to the city centre, while families moving to Nashville for a better quality of life can focus their house-hunting efforts in the outer suburbs. 

As would be the case in any new destination, there are a few downsides to factor in when considering a move to Nashville. A severely lacking public transportation system is certainly one of them. Then there are the incredibly humid summers that bring with them pretty bad thunderstorms, and those who suffer from allergies are likely to find spring in the Music City to be a nightmare. Finally, while Tennessee’s openness and friendliness towards newcomers have served to increase diversity in Nashville, it is by no means as cosmopolitan as places such as Los Angeles, New York or Boston.

Cost of living in Nashville

These days more and more people, especially millennials, are fleeing expensive cities such San Francisco and New York City in favour of places that can offer them a better cost of living and opportunities for career growth. Nashville’s affordability combined with its vibrant lifestyle offerings make it a prime destination for smart young professionals from elsewhere in the US and beyond.  

Expat families and children 

Besides millennials from other parts of the US, Nashville remains a firm favourite among families. Scratch beneath the image of the Music City as a party place and one quickly realises how Nashville’s environment is highly conducive when it comes to raising children. Prospective residents will also be pleased to learn that there are lots of good schooling options in Nashville in both public and private institutions. 

In terms of lifestyle offerings, there is plenty to see and do in Nashville. Whether it is art, history and culture, music or sport, new residents can have their pick. Green spaces are abundant in Nashville and fitness enthusiasts will likely relish the opportunity to stroll, jog or cycle along the beautiful river path along the Cumberland. Sports fans will have fun getting behind local teams such as the Nashville Titans, the Predators and the Nashville Sounds.

Climate in Nashville

The city has a humid subtropical climate with hot and humid summers and relatively short, mild winters. Winter temperatures in Nashville hover just above freezing and the city can experience a light dusting of snow during the winter months (December to February), while the summer months (June to August) see temperatures average around 90°F (32°C). 

Large numbers of people from other parts of the US as well as foreigners continue to choose Nashville as a base for a new chapter in their lives. Most of these new arrivals who choose to relocate to the Music City are likely to have an overwhelmingly positive experience and opt to stay for the long-term. Newcomers looking to combine the best small-town vibes with the comfort associated with big-city amenities are bound to find that sweet spot here in Nashville. 

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