Windsor is a charming town, located 30 minutes to an hour away from London, stretching alongside the River Thames. Whether looking to rent or buy, new arrivals will find that accommodation in Windsor tends to be pricey, though still generally cheaper than in the capital.

While Windsor's location is convenient, prospective buyers and renters should be aware that the town is in the flight path of Heathrow Airport, meaning that there is daily noise overhead as planes go to and from the airport.

Types of accommodation in Windsor

Windsor has various accommodation types to choose from, including freestanding single-family homes, blocks of flats (apartments), terraced houses (rowhouses) and semi-detached houses. When it comes to the amount of space available and the level of maintenance required, families often prefer freestanding homes, while single professionals may opt for the convenience of a flat. 

Many of Windsor's homes are old Victorian-era or Georgian-era restorations, while new developments have sprung up in other parts of Windsor to accommodate the high demand.

Those on the hunt for a house should keep their transport situation in mind when considering accommodation listings. Many people in Windsor have cars, especially families or those who commute daily to another nearby town or city, such as London. As a result, parking in Windsor is scarce, so those who need it should ensure their new home-to-be has such a space available.

Finding accommodation in Windsor

The property market in Windsor moves fast, so new arrivals should start the search for their new home well in advance of moving. Staying in short-term accommodation, such as Airbnb, can be an ideal way to get to know the area before committing to renting or buying. This way, house hunters can go to viewings in person, as they will be in the area.

Online property portals, as well as local groups on social networks, are a good place to start the property search. Hiring an estate agent is another possible route – these professionals tend to have a lot of local knowledge and may have access to listings before they go public.

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Signing a lease in Windsor

Once prospective tenants have found a place they like, they'll need to pay a deposit, usually the equivalent of up to six weeks' of rent, before signing the lease. Most leases in the UK are for a set period, most often six or 12 months, and are renewable.

For more information, see our page on Renting Accommodation in the UK.

Utilities in Windsor

Utilities are home services that generally come at an extra cost and are paid by the tenant monthly over and above the rent. In some cases, some or all utility costs may be included in the rent, but this is rare and tends to hike up the rental cost.

When budgeting, it's important to consider the monthly cost of electricity, water, gas, heating, phone, internet, and council tax bills.

For more detail, see Setting up Household Utilities in the UK

Best places to live in Windsor

Windsor is an attractive place to live, with many scenic and safe areas. Its proximity to London, as well as other working towns such as Reading and Slough, makes Windsor popular with commuters. Some of the most sought-after areas here include the town centre near Windsor Castle, Eton, Clewer Village, Dedworth and Old Windsor. 

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