For newly arrived families, the matter of education and schools in Windsor will be a top priority. As the home of the esteemed Eton Academy, education is given a great deal of importance in Windsor and parents can expect a high quality overall.

Planning in advance is imperative to secure a spot in the preferred school. Parents should research the options ahead of time to ensure they find the best fit for their child and the family as a whole. 

Families will need to decide between state-funded or independent schooling. State-funded schooling is free, but admission is based on catchment areas, so those who opt to go this route should base their accommodation search around preferred schools. 

On the other hand, independent schools operate their own admission policies – this means that, while it's convenient to attend a school close to where the family lives, it's not mandatory to live nearby and won't determine admission preference.

Schooling in Windsor operates on a three-tier system:

  • Primary (first) schools – ages 5 to 11
  • Middle schools – ages 11 to 14
  • Secondary (upper) schools – 14 to 18

All schools in the UK are regularly inspected by a government organisation known as Ofsted. All reports and rankings are available on the Ofsted website.

State-funded schools in Windsor

There are several highly ranked state-funded schools in Windsor. These schools are funded by taxes, so the better schools will usually be found in more prestigious areas. It's worth noting that living in a particular school's catchment area doesn't guarantee a spot in the school – rather, local students are given priority if the school is oversubscribed.

State-funded schools in England teach the English National Curriculum, including the GCSE and A-Levels. This curriculum is highly regarded and is taught worldwide in international schools, allowing easy transition should the family relocate beyond the UK.

Some top state-funded schools in Windsor include Windsor Girls' School and Windsor Boys' School.

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Private schools in Windsor

Private or independent schools in Windsor charge fees for attendance, but generally offer a higher standard of education with smaller class sizes and better resources. Additional funds should also be budgeted for uniforms and stationery.

Private schools, like state-funded schools, teach the English National Curriculum, though they have more freedom in teaching style. They may teach through a particular pedagogical approach, such as Montessori, or a religious lens, like Christianity.

Windsor is near some of the best-known private schools in England, but most notably Eton College, which is just across the River Thames.

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International schools in Windsor

Though there are no schools in Windsor offering the curriculum of a foreign country, several schools in and around the town teach the globally respected International Baccalaureate, including St George's School Windsor Castle and ACS International School Egham.

An hour's drive or train ride from Windsor, London has a wealth of international schools that teach a range of curricula, including that of the US, Germany, and France. Many of these schools have flexible boarding options available at an additional cost.

See our list of recommended international schools in London.

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