Frequently Asked Questions about Zambia

Do I need a car in Zambia? 

Yes. A four-wheel drive vehicle, in particular, is very useful in Zambia. The roads are not in good order and any car one purchases will take punishment. There is a public transport system, and it is well worth the experience, but it does not give the flexibility required for doing very much.

Will I be safe in Zambia?

Unlike some of its neighbours, Zambia has not experienced the same level of violence or ethnic strife and is a relatively safe destination. Most expats report feeling safe in their homes, although vigilance goes a long way and it does not hurt to invest in good home security. Road safety will likely be the biggest safety concern for expats living in Zambia and defensive driving is a must.

What can I visit in Zambia?

Zambia abounds with natural wonders. The giant Zambezi River and the Victoria Falls are in Zambia, but there are wildlife lodges and vast plains which can be toured with any number of highly professional companies.

Where is the best place to see wildlife in Zambia?

The South Luangwa National Park in the north of the country, and Kafue National Park which is to the east of Lusaka, offer great opportunities for a safari holiday in Zambia.

Are there decent schools for my children?

There are good private schools in Zambia, but the country’s public schooling system is inadequate. The majority of expats living in Zambia send their children to an international school. There are a number of international schools in Lusaka for expats to choose from; these mostly follow the British or American curricula.

What about healthcare in Zambia?

Zambia’s public healthcare system is not up to the standards that most Western expats would be used to and should be avoided. There are some good private clinics in the main cities, but the majority of serious medical emergencies will see expats being evacuated to South Africa or to Europe, where there are far superior healthcare facilities.

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