Working in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has been affected negatively by the global recession, resulting in an increase in unemployment and crime rates. Typically, Puerto Rico is a popular retirement destination for expats, especially U.S citizens, for its easy accessibilty, tax-free conditions and incredible scenery. For those interested in working in Puerto Rico, the two most common sectors are manufacturing and tourism. Some employers require a Certificate of Good Behaviour and/or Certificate of No Criminal Conviction, issued by the Puerto Rico Police Department.

The job market in Puerto Rico 

Expats may battle to find jobs in Puerto Rico, as the economy has not recovered completely since the recession. The manufacturing sector makes up about half of the annual GDP of Puerto Rico, whereas the tourism sector has seen a slow increase since the economic downturn. Teaching English is also fairly common, and as salaries are paid in US Dollars, this can be advantageous for expats coming from countries with weaker currencies. However salaries are generally low in comparison to Asian and Middle Eastern countries. 

Finding a job in Puerto Rico 

The Internet is a valuable resource for expats looking to work in Puerto Rico. Alternatively going through an agency might be more useful. Word-of-mouth and networking can also be valuable resources for those already within the country. U.S expats will not need a visa to work in Puerto Rico, whereas citizens from other nations will have to change visas if they move to the country without a job and plan to stay. 

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