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on 21 Sep 2012
I'm going to be moving to Romania with my wife and kids. We're going to be living in Bucharest. I'm struggling to find relevant info about the city. Anyone got any insights into the lifestyle and cost of living in Bucharest. Are there decent schools and what is the public transport like? HELP!
Anonymous (not verified) on 22 Sep 2012
hi David. I am fromRomania, and kindly suggest to u to take care at your valueables in the airport, don't tell anybody that is the first time u are there, and that u will stay for long time there. U can try public transport, it is better like here, but u can't compare with Germany or Uk. Schools are good, but not every one, try to avoid the gypsis, and everybody who make fear. If u can find a good school and area for living, than u can live nice there. U will see and hear a lot of bad things, like rape, murder, begging children and old peopel (at who u dont give money, cose may their friends see u, and follow u, where they can attack u) I know till now i wrote bad things, but this is the truth, i am from Nord Romania, and never ever wanted to go and live in Bucarest, cos i see, know and hear what people are there. U will find good and bad too, never underestimate the mind of the hungry man. Hope i could help u, have a nice week
Bogdan1 on 24 Sep 2012
I am living in Bucharest, I can provide you some info: average net salary is approx 350 Euro 1 beer/coffee is between 1 and 2 Euro it's a Mediterranean type city, bars and restaurants are usually open till 4-5 a.m. a standard meal in a decent restaurant with 2 courses + dessert + a glass of wine is 15-25 Euro there are some private schools where English is the first teaching language public transport is average, tube is not covering all the city (if you will stay in the north side of the city you will need a car) If you have any other questions, please send me a PM.
Catherine on 25 Sep 2012
Hi David, we are currently putting together a comprehenisve guide to living and working in Bucharest. I suggest having a read of our Moving to Bucharest page for a general introduction to the city. Also, check out our Getting Around Bucharest page for more info about public transport in the city. We hope to add more info soon!

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