Advice on moving to Hanoi, Vietnam?

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29 March 2017

I am contemplating a move to Hanoi, Vietnam in a few months from New Delhi, India. A few preliminary questions can really help me understand the challenges of adapting to a life there:

1. Movement of Household: Does anyone have any experience of moving some household stuff (appliances, furniture, books) to Hanoi from India? What could be the best organizations for this (DHL?)

2. I am expected to take care of the relocation on my own. What could be the best way to get started with hunting for a place to stay; first 2 weeks and then on a more permanent basis. Can someone share a similar experience. I was thinking to get into a hotel/AirBNB for first 2 weeks and then sort out an apartment.

3. Typical process of renting an apartment in Hanoi. Is there a deposit, if so how much? A typical rent for a comfortable expat friendly area in Hanoi for a semi-furnished 1 BHK?

4. I am a bit bothered by luggage restrictions on flights from Delhi to Hanoi. Most carriers have 20 kgs check-in. Does anyone know an easy and cheap way to buy more luggage?

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Hi there,

One of the best things about moving to Hanoi is that it is relatively easy and affordable to establish yourself within a short period of time following your arrival. 

Housing in your typical expat areas, such as Tay Ho, Hoan Kiem and Ba Dinh, can vary from rooms in share houses to fully serviced apartments. What are your accommodation requirements? Our Cost of Living in Vietnam page offers a good idea of what these costs might look like, although expect your actual prices to be slightly lower (our prices are based on the more expensive Ho Chi Minh City). 

There is typically a deposit and first month's rent required upon signing your lease and moving into your apartment, and it is often preferable to arrange this in person upon arrival as there are reports of expats being scammed. Hanoi has a very active Facebook community. Have you considered using housing groups in order to find accommodation?

As far as transporting your household appliances is concerned, you may find it more convenient to sell those items in Delhi and instead purchase new ones in Hanoi where appliances and electronics are cheap. 

Lastly, most airlines have an extra-baggage option - research which of the available flights have the lowest rates. If this isn't viable, you could arrange for a courier to transport your things once you are set up in Hanoi.


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