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on 7 Apr 2013
Does anyone know the age limit for expat workers/teachers in china...guangzhou specifically as of 2013? And does it make a difference whether you work for a private organization vs a public one? Thanks.
emm on 8 Apr 2013
4/8/13 The US embassy in Guangzhou and the Guangzhou Foreign Experts Bureau have no documentation or knowledge about age limits or retirement limits for foreign teachers or workers. They only have age limits for Chinese nationals which is 60 years old. Thus, whoever tells you that there is an age limit for foreigners, US foreigners, ask them for documentation.
Anonymous (not verified) on 14 Apr 2013
Im in my early 60's and still teaching in China. My employer obtains a new work visa each year. I have heard that you need to be employed in the country by 58 or 59 and then renewing the visa is OK, thereafter. Once over 60 it might be difficult.
Anonymous (not verified) on 27 Nov 2013
I am seeking employment in China as an ESL teacher and submitted my resume and my scan of my university BS diploma to a college of English in Chengdu. The recruiter replied by e-mail and said thank you for my application. Then he said I may be aware of age caps in China and asked me for my age. I have a friend who is teaching ESL in Taian, China, and he is 79. How should I respond? Thanks. Alan
Anonymous (not verified) on 29 May 2015
Im 60 years old , I need info on work visa after I turn 61, Need advise ASAP Thanks Rick Tarver

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