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on 25 May 2012
My husband and I are going to be moving to Mumbai in June as he has been offered a promotion to move there. We're still unsure of whether our kids should come with us or if they should stay here in England and go to bording school. Are there any decent international schools in Mumbai, or are public schools in India also worth while investigating?
GabyS on 25 May 2012
Hi JennyK

There's a similar thread on this forum which you may find useful.

The public schoools in India are English-medium, but they tend to focus on rote learning and are very focused on academics. Since you're coming from the UK, I'd advise against them. If you really want your kids to get an Indian experience, rather send them to a good private Indian curriculum school.

If money isn't too much of a problem, however, I would recommend sending them to one of the excellent international schools in Mumbai like Dhirubhai Ambani where they'll get a world-class education. Also, since you're moving in June, I'd recommend looking into schools and applying for admission as a top priority.

Take a look at the Education and Schools in Mumbai page and the International Schools in Mumbai page for more information.

Good luck with your move!
Anonymous (not verified) on 28 Aug 2012
Jenny - I can relate to your challenge. We are moving to Mumbai from London in November due to work promotion and I'm going head over heels on school admission. Our child is use to certain type of upbringing and I want to continue it as much as possible but at the same time have an inclusive Indian culture too. Some International schools are very expensive and charge 20-30% higher fee for foreigners. Any ideas on how transfer cases are dealt with in International schools
Anonymous (not verified) on 6 Mar 2013
I also shifted three years back to Mumbai.A friend's daughter is a educational consultant.My husband got a job in Hiranandani so was looking out for schools in Thane.She help gave me a list of schools that were good. Infact she helped me with activity centre which could help my child excel in academic. Here email id is
Anonymous (not verified) on 6 Mar 2013
Jenny I can understand your apprehensions.I also went through the same few months back.To my rescue for a family friend who is a educational consultant.She helped me understand the different boards in India.The pro and cons of each and then according to my need suggested me school and activity centre for my child. You can reach her via email I totally agree Gaby.Dhirubhai Ambani school is good but it is a little difficult to get through.There are many more international schools coming.You could go on the webite Gaby suggested. All the very best!!