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on 5 Feb 2013
Are there decent hospitals in Buenos Aires? We're gonna be living in Argentina for the next six months, and just worried about the healthcare system there. Will most doctors be able to speak English? Should we opt for private healthcare, or are public hospitals in Argentina ok for dealing with general medical matters?
Candice on 7 Feb 2013
Hi David

You will be happy to hear that healthcare in Argentina is world-class. Public healthcare is of a good standard but most expats choose to take advantage of the first-rate private healthcare facilities in Argentina.

Most doctors at private hospitals will be able to speak English.

Have a look at our page on Healthcare in Argentina for more detailed information.



Anonymous (not verified) on 20 Aug 2013
Hi! Is it possible to get an affordable dental service without health insurance? Thank you
Olga Shipilo on 20 Aug 2013
Hello! Is it possible to get affordable dental service in BA without any health insurance? Thank you!
Anonymous (not verified) on 28 Mar 2014
HI all! Public health is really good, however, as it is available for everybody, it might be busy. And the government suggests that as a visitor you get your own health cover (if you cant afford that, you should not travel) so that you dont prevent people that cant afford private insurance to get access to public insurance specially if they are argentinian citizens. You will be taken care for if required, they ask you to be responsible with the generosity of the argentinian tax payers.