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Posted by KaiSage
on 1 Mar 2017

My name is Kai and I would like to reach out for assistance in relocating to Patagonia Region in September 2017.

I am married to a super fantastic woman, back in 19998 she lived in Esquel and worked as an English teacher. We are looking to relocate to Esquel and/or San Martin De Los Andes.

We have a few questions like:

1) Can we ship our family vehicle to Argentina? Any horror stories?
2) How long can it take to get residence visa for Argentina?
3) Are there 3 bedroom homes available for long term rent in Esquel?
4) What are things that Americans need to know about living in Argentina longer than 90 days?

I think this is enough for now, if you can thing of anything else, please let us know we are very grateful for any assistance anyone may provide.



Meagan on 3 Mar 2017
Hey Kai,

I don't have answers for all of your questions, but here's a few ideas and resources to get started with.

►Visas for Argentina – there's a lengthy section in this article about residence visas, which you may find useful. I'm not sure how long the application process would take, though.
►Accommodation in Argentina – an overview of the process of finding and renting accommodation (there is also a section on purchasing a house, but that you can disregard as you're planning to rent)
►And lastly, Moving to Argentina – a detailed summary of what it's like to live in Argentina which touches on a variety of aspects of living there

As far as shipping a car goes, I imagine that Argentina's famously complicated bureaucratic procedures might make the process a bit of a headache. Then again, there's a lot of paperwork involved in buying a car in Argentina itself, too. My advice would be to consult with a relocation company and get their advice, plus an approximate cost.

Will you be looking for a job in Argentina, too? If so, what industry are you in?

Hope this helps. Best of luck for the move.