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on 26 Apr 2013
Hi!! We are Australian PR holders and are planning to migrate to Sydney by June 2013.We have a daughter who will turn 4yrs on Sept 2013.Our daughter has been attending pre-school for the last 18 months in Chennai, India. Pre-school curriculum is a holistic approach towards child development, both cognitive and behavioral skills, and our daughter has been rated as one of the most astute and brilliant in her peer group.If she was in India she would have started with Kindergarten.Following are my questions, 1.Is my daughter eligible for Preschool or Kindergarten? 2.Is there any fees in Public schools? 3.Can we go by the ratings updated in you suggest any other sites for selecting good schools? 4.Should we communicate to schools and depending on response,.. hunt for house close to school? It will be great to get some inputs as we need to plan so many things before we start. Cheers, Jo
Candice on 29 Apr 2013
Hi Jo

The current rule in Australia is that children must turn five before the 31st of July in the year that they start Kindergarten. So I'm afraid your daughter is too young to start Kindergarten in Sydney.

The law with state pre-schools is that children must turn four before the 31st of July so she might be a little too young for that aswell. Although there are private pre-schools who accept younger children (ages three and up).

Please see these websites for more information: 
- NSW Public Schools
- Preschools NSW

To answer your other questions: Yes there are usually fees for pre schools in New South Wales but you can find the fee information at the above websites. It would be a good idea to find accommodation close to your school of choice as traffic in Sydney can be heavy in the mornings. 

I think the best thing to do would be to visit a few schools and see which would be the best fit for your family. 

Please see our page on Education and Schools in Sydney for more information. 

Good luck with your move to Sydney.

Anonymous (not verified) on 18 Jun 2013
My husband is currently working in Sydney and I am in Kenya with my two kids ages 9 and 11. They both have birthdays before July 31 and have currently completed Grade 5 and 3. We are planning on joining him over the July/Au time frame but I'm not sure what grades my kids will get into at the local schools in Sydney. How will the change of school year time frames affect them. They are both bright and are in the top 10 of their grades. Your answer is very much appreciated. Thanks! SK

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