Benefits for single mum moving to Austria?

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12 January 2014

Hello I am a mum of two lovely children currently living in London. The children are Austrian citizens, I am not, they have their father's citizenship. I am a single mother, I have a job in London but, I am planing to bring the children in Austria now, when they are still at a good age to learn German, 7y and 5y. The problem is that we do not speak German, the kids will learn no problem but, for me will be a bit difficult to find a job until I learn German. I could keep my London job but the idea of commuting is not good. I would appreciate a bit of advice in what kind of help a single mother will get in terms of benefits? Maybe for the first six months I could settle with the children, schools and all without me working whilst taking a German class, then I could start looking for a job.Thank you for reading and for the advice.

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Hi there

Hopefully one of our expats in Austria can help you with this. I suspect that the language barrier may be an issue but I can recommend that you have a look at our Working in Austria as well as our Education and Schools in Austria page.

Good luck!

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Hi Mom of two,

I´d like to know if you have settled with you children in Austria. I´m in similar situation, and I´d like to listen to your experience.


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