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Posted by Jane Sharps
on 23 Sep 2017
My husband and I have recently moved to Austria to look after our 4 year old grandaughter while her parents work. My husband is 64 and in receipt of a work pension, he will be eligible for UK state pension June 2018, I am 61 and will not qualify for state pension until 2022, are we able to use our UK EHIC cards for health treatment or do we have to get private health insurance?
EmmaL on 26 Sep 2017
Hi Jane

Austria has a very good public healthcare system, and your EHIC cards allow you to use it. Most people don't feel the need for private health insurance, but if you need more than just basic coverage, private health insurance is an option. Have a read of our page on healthcare in Austria for some more information on their public healthcare.

Are you moving to Austria permanently? 

Hope this helped,
Anonymous (not verified) on 7 Oct 2017
Thanks Emmal for your response. Yes we plan to stay in Austria so do we have to just register with a doctor or do we need some form of social security card as I thought the EHIC only covered immediate and necessary treatment.
EmmaL on 9 Oct 2017
Hi Jane

Once you're in Austria, you have to register to get access to the public healthcare system. After that, you'll get a green e-card that processes all claims and such. The process explained in more detail in our guide to healthcare in Austria, so have a look there.

How long have you been in Austria?