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on 21 Feb 2012
Hi, I'm going to be applying for permanent residency in Argentina, and I was confused about whether I needed to physically travel to the capital of Buenos Aires to have an interview for this or not? Can anybody who is going through for has already gotten their permanent residency let me know if this is necessary.
BillyJackRussel on 21 Feb 2012
Hello Sally.  Are you currently residing in Argentina?  If so, there are many immigrations offices throughout the country that you can utilize rather than traveling to Buenos Aires.  The reality is in order to collect the documents that are required you will need to visit a number of different governmental bodies prior to actually submitting your documents to immigration officials.
Anonymous (not verified) on 31 Oct 2012
Hi Sally! You could be in Argentina or be outside. But is not easy to apply for a permanent vida. Usually, everybody pplies for a temprary visa (if your are out of Argentina this process calls Entry Permit) and after some renewals you could apply for the permanent visa. But this process is not the same for every nationality. If you like, you could contact me directly to and you could give me more information and I give you mi advise. Best regards, Pablo.