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on 4 Nov 2015
I have recently moved from Malaysia with my Vietnamese partner of eight years to Nha Trang Vietnam. My company terminated my contract due to downturn in oil industry and paid a company to ship my household goods from Labuan/Malaysia to Nha Trang Vietnam door to door. After ten weeks of living out of a suitcase and numerous document scanned and sent we are being told we to pay and extra 1500 dollars any advice from anyone on this, thanks in advance for any assistance Martin Gillespie
Anonymous (not verified) on 2 Dec 2015
Hi Martin: Are you still staying in Nha Trang ? What kind of business you are in ? I am product sourcing and business consultant, located in Ha Noi. I was educated, lived and worked in USA for 32 years. If you thinking about locate to Ha Noi, or wanted to start any new venture, I might can assist you. E-mail: We can go from here. Ted Nguyen
Anonymous (not verified) on 19 Dec 2015
Did they say what $1500 is for? I would contact the Vietnamese Embassy to ensure there is no corruption at the customs as that has been known.