How safe is Mumbai?

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By Sally - Posted on
25 July 2012
How safe is Mumbai for expats. I keep reading conflicting stories that it is fine, then others say it's dangerous. I'm a women and am going to be living there on my own. Can I walk in the street. I'm also worried about terrorism in the city, after the Mumbai attacks a few years ago....anyone got any stories to tell here?
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I have been to India many times on business. I would recommend to never go out on your own. Stay at big hotels and eat in those restraunts and bars. India can be a bit dangerous for anyone alone and especially a woman.

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Hi Sally, as anon has said, Mumbai can be a bit dangerous for a woman on her own, but you just need to be aware of your surroundings, try avoid travelling alone at night and if using public transport, rather use a taxi than a bus or train. As for terrorism, Indian authorities have stepped up security around Mumbai, especially at probable targets where tourists/foreigners gather - there have been no major incidents since the Mumbai attacks in the city. I suggest having a read of our Mumbai expat guide to read more about what you can expect in the city.
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Hi, Mumbai much safer than other Indian cities. You just need to take a few precautions such as a) Not to go alone in remote areas in late nights b) Avoid strangers and screen would be friends by asking their ids. c) Avoid food and drinks from strangers d) Dial 100 from local mobile for contacting Police Control Room as local police stations are full of corrupt personnel.

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Mumbai is such a populous and diverse city that blanket rules simply cannot be applied to all areas. As with any place some are safer than others. Generally however a single woman would not travel alone especially at night. Stick to the good areas, i.e. around nice hotels etc. Always be accompanied by friends [ not tough to make given the sheer number of people to choose from]. Generally Mumbai is not individualistic like western countries [ where you do most things by yourself]. Not that this is good or bad, you will have to make an adjustment in that most things are done with people around you.

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