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07 September 2012
hi i have got job in abu dhabi. Can u plz also tell me is it safe for women to go alone and if the salary of around 1600 plus pick n drop , accommodation ,meals is it good for survive ?
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Hi Rubbab,

Whether you can survive on AED 1600 will depend very much on your lifestyle. The cost of living is pretty high in Abu Dhabi, and continues to rise each year. Luckily your accommodation has been taken care off, which is the biggest expense. 

Firstly, you should check wether the cost of utilities are included within the accomodation package. If not, thos may cost you around AED 800.
Things like a haircut will cost you around AED 300 and a manicure AED 100. 

Take a look at the Expat Arrival's Cost of Living in Abu Dhabi page to find out more.

When it comes to safety, crime is not a major concern in Abu Dhabi. It is safe for women to be in Abu Dhabi alone. However, if you are from the West you will need to accustom yourself with a very different attitude towards women. As a women, it is best to dress modestly. 

Take a look the pages on Safety in Abu Dhabi and Culture Shock in Abu Dhabi for more information.
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thanks for your help dear

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