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Posted by niyati
on 19 Feb 2017
Recently I came to know that I am hcv c positive,it is true that I can apply for working visa for Dubai,plz let me knowhepa
Anonymous (not verified) on 21 Jun 2017
Hi, I am infected of (HCV) Hepatitis C but my virus is Dead now. I want to know that can i apply now for job in Dubai as a Driver.......!
Meagan on 20 Feb 2017
Hi Niyati,

What industry will you be working in? As far as I know, the UAE will only test for Hepatitis C in applicants in certain industries, and who are coming to work in the UAE for the first time. Gulf News recently published an article on these regulations (click here to read). The article is primarily about TB testing but there are also references to legislation regarding Hepatitis C testing. I would also encourage you to seek advice directly from your local UAE embassy or an immigration expert for clarity on this.

Meagan on 21 Feb 2017
Please read the article I gave a link to in my first response. To confirm, you will need to ask your local UAE embassy or an immigration lawyer/expert if Hepatitis C will be tested.
niyati on 20 Feb 2017
I am coming in sales sector and this is my first entry to Dubai,will I be tested for hcv c for my medical test
Meagan on 21 Jun 2017
As a driver it is unlikely that you will need to be tested for hepatitis C to get a visa once you have a job. Only those working in salons, beauty centres, health clubs and sanitation are tested for hepatitis C for visa purposes.
Anonymous (not verified) on 5 Jul 2017
Hapititis is not tested in dubai.becuse this is a cureable diease
Anonymous (not verified) on 23 Aug 2017
i have hapatits c but i will coming in dhubai first time .but i am applay visa
davinder on 21 Apr 2019

Hi im infected hcv,  can i apply job for bus driver in dubai.. 

davinder on 21 Apr 2019

Hi im infected hepatitis c,  hcv.  Can i apply for bus driver job in dubai

joel5 on 17 Sep 2019

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