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08 December 2011
It is looking likely that we may be moving from Seattle to Chengdu for work and I am wondering if anyone knows of a move from the states involving bringing dogs. I have the feeling it will complicate things greatly, but the idea of not bringing them is completely heartbreaking.
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Moving dogs to China is definitely possible, just watch them carefully- they may end up on the barbecue...

All jokes aside, you can legally import one pet per "Z" type visa. Thus if you and your partner are going, you can bring two furry friends. Do not that China has strict quarantine rules, and your dogs will have to spend up to 30 days in a kennel somewhere, in most likely, poor conditions. 

Otherwise though, the process is pretty simple, you just get an International Health Certificate and a Vaccination Certificate (rabies vaccination must be had within 1 year of arrival date) from your vet in due time periods. I guess the complicated part comes when you have to find a pet-friendly air carrier.

Have a look at the Shipping to China page, and also I would recommend contacting a Pet Relocation service provider if you're concerned about the hassle, but adamant about bringing fido or rex with - a good one is actually
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Of course you'd like to bring your dogs along! They're part of the family, and here at we completely  understand that.

We've moved many pets to China and would be happy to advise you. Please take a look at our site for more info about moving pets to China, and if you'd like a free quote for our door-to-door services, you can click here.

Good luck!
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Hello, I presently live in Beijing. I have been here for about 3 years. My husband and I I brought our 2 dogs with us from the U.S. The are limits in certain cities such as Beijing restricting where you can live by the size of your dog, larger breeds must live in the suburbs. Also as far as the quarintene is concerned this can some times be expedited with the help of someone local who does pet transport. This is what we did and out dogs did an "in house quarantine".. They just came home with us.. Keep in mind you should get all your dog food and treats from a vet. or other reliable source, because the locally manufactured food is often tainted, even the brands you are used to seeing at home. All that being said if your really love them and are willing to go the extra mile for them. By all means bring them with you.


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you are a full of love person.Of course you'd like to take pet along with you.Though maybe there are some complicate procedures.

Best wishes for you.

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I took my little furball from Shanghai, China to Minneapolis MN and back, and we are about to make the same flight again.

Leaving China for the US, you must find an exportation vet that can administer a rabies shot at least 30 days before your departure date. Even though neither the US nor China require micro chips, I highly suspect the vet will more than insist upon you getting one implanted in your wet noised companion (they charge an arm and a leg for it, too). Seven days before you fly, you will take your pet, with her new little pet passport given to you when she got her rabies shot, and your ticket information to the Export Vet. They will take her blood. Two days before you fly, you can go collect her official flying documents.

Don't forget, when you book your ticket, to call the airline to be certain that this flight not only allows pets, but that there aren't already too many pets on the flight. Some airlines wont allow more than 4 pets. You should also be certain that your carrying case meets their size standards.

When you arrive in the US, someone will ask you for your travel documents. They will make a copy and return them to you. Welcome to the States!

Going to China?

Same process- Rabbies vacciation at least 30 days before (but no more than a 1 year before) the departure date. You must get the travel documents 10 days before departure for your little baby to fly.

When you arrive in China (and I've only ever arrived in Shanghai) You will pass by a huge sign and building advertising the quarantine area. Ignore it (partly because there is no one there, partly because you know the kennell they will put your princess in will likely make her mentally and physically ill and you would never do that to your best friend.) No one will stop you or question you. (I've made this trip 3 times)

Welcome to China!

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