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Posted by nicholesuzette
on 13 Dec 2017

Hi, I plan to marry my boyfriend, a citizen, born and raised in London and living there. We plan to marry in the States, then I will move to the London about 6 months later. I am having a hard time figuring out what and how to get citizenship, or at the very least be able to work when I move there.
I find the website very vague and difficult to navigate especially with my specific situation.

Any input would be appreciated.


EmmaL on 14 Dec 2017
Hi nicholesuzette

Congratulations on your engagement! Getting citizenship in the UK is notoriously tricky, even if you're getting married to a British citizen. Have you read our guide to visas for the UK

You'll most likely need a family visa. Have a look at the UK government site on family visas for the requirements and how to apply. Are you a US citizen?

Hope this helps!