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Posted by RW-admin
on 28 Sep 2015
Hi Valencia expats!
I am a young woman living in Valencia Spain. I have got the great opportunity to start a franchise in the sports and health field.
I would like to know the numbers of expats living in Valencia Spain, most importantly Valencia City. Is there any information available? Are there groups or communities that exist for expats?

Kind regards,
gill333 on 12 Oct 2015
Hi, I considering applying for a post near Valencia, in Puzol and wondered did anyone know of dog minding / walking services in the area. I will be out most of the day and all week. Back home i have a dog walker who comes everyday and wondered whether it was easy to find these services in this area. Many thanks for any help.
Cruz123 on 8 Oct 2015
Hello. I noticed you posted this message recently and i was wondering if you found what you were looking for. I am moving there also in a couple of weeks, i have some friends there but other than that i hear that the English language is not too common so it would be good to know about communities or groups