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Posted by redbaron85914
on 27 Jun 2017

Hi guys

So there's a lot of chat about the harshness of the Canadian weather - winters in particular. I've been looking online for comparisons between Canadian weather with other cities/countries around the world and there doesn't seem to be much that's useful.

My wife and I are from Edinburgh and are looking to make the big move to either one of Vancouver, Calgary or Toronto at the back end of 2018.

I'm hoping there are folk on here who have lived in Scotland and Canada and are able to give me their thoughts on how comparable the weather is, especially during the winter, in either of the above cities.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

Anonymous (not verified) on 31 Jul 2017
Silly question, trying to find black pudding in Kelowna. Anyone know of any butchers or supermarkets etc selling it?
Meagan on 29 Jun 2017
Hi Rab,

Because Canada's so vast, it really depends on the region, but I'll give you a quick rundown of the three areas you mentioned.

Calgary and Toronto will tend to be a fair bit colder than Edinburgh in the winter with temperatures dropping to around -6°C. Summer in Toronto can be fairly warm though; temperatures around the mid-twenties. Vancouver's average temperatures in winter and summer are pretty close to those of Edinburgh, as are Toronto's summer temperatures.

You might find our pages on Weather in Toronto and Weather in Vancouver useful - both have graphs representing average temperatures and rainfall for each month of the year. We also have a general Weather in Canada page, but unfortunately no page on the weather in Calgary, although we do have a Calgary guide for any other aspects you might be interested in, along with our comprehensive Canada, Toronto and Vancouver guides.

Hope this helps!