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on 3 Sep 2014
We are setting up a ways to help foreigner people who are preparing travel and living in Vietnam more convenient. So please let us know your opinions on the following issues: - For a foreigner: + The information that you really need in Vietnam? The issues such as accomodation, safety, entertainment place, make friends, etc + What is the most needed things in forum for foreigners? Sharing experiences topic, question and answer to social problems, etc + What do you hate in the Vietnam forum? and so on - For the Vietnamese: + What makes you willing to help foreigners? + What is the best way to support foreigner? Something likes write an articles, direct contact, through consultation forums, etc and so on The more you give your ideas, the more we can help you in more detail. Sincerely
Shantalie on 5 Sep 2014
Hi nam

Most of things you need are covered in the Expat Arrival's Vietnam Country Guide

For some insights into expat life in Vietnam from those who have already been in your shoes check out the Expat Experiences in Vietnam page.

Following that please let me know if you have any more specific questions.


Anonymous (not verified) on 10 Sep 2014
HI I am a Canadian married to a Asian Lady, If I want to live in Vietnam, really what is the process, I would be retired and want a nice place to live, how difficult is for this to happen and how long of a process is it