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Posted by shatrujitsingh
on 24 May 2016
Hi, I am Indian and about to shift to Johannesburg with Family (My Wife and Daughter) somewhere in Oct-Nov. My Daughter would be 4.5 years old by then. Can somebody in this forum help me with little idea about following: 1) Is there is any Indian school with CBSE/ ICSE curriculum 2) which are the good schools available 3) which are the schools where generally Kids of Indian family goes? I checked in few schools only catholic students are allowed 4) which are the areas where most of the Indian communities stay? please somebody help with these information, particularly about schools which is the main concern for me. Thanks!
jaidevaditya on 8 Jun 2016
Hi did you get any reply about schools with CBSE / ICSE pattern of education
Shantalie on 25 May 2016
Hi there,

Johannesburg has a diverse population and I'm sure you'll meet lots of other Indian and expat famillies in the city. 

The standard of international school in Joburg is high. I think you'll find the Johannesburg Schools Guide useful reading. 

What part of Joburg do you plan on living in?

shatrujitsingh on 25 May 2016
Hi Thanks for your response. I don't know much about localities etc. i have just started exploring things. May be you can also help me in this. :) Thanks Shatrujit
AlexL on 26 May 2016
Hi Shatrujit

Have a look at our Areas and suburbs in Johannesburg which gives you a breakdown of all the areas in Johannesburg.

Fordsburg has quite a large Indian community, while Midrand is also home to a number of Indian families. There are a number of schools in Fordsburg that many Indian children attend, whereas Midrand is home to Beaulieu, a private co-educational school.  

Kind regards,
jaidevaditya on 4 Jun 2016
Hi I am planning to relocate to Johannesburg in August am planning to get my family after deciding on school .. Want to know if there are any CBSE or ICSE schools available ..Since kids are coming to India ( in 8th & 3rd Standards) it will be difficult to learn Zulu / Africaans is there a way to study where these languages are not compulsory - Its my major worry to get kids in a school which has similar curriculum as India Have written to quite a few schools without any response ..Thanks ! Ajay Singh Parihar india No. 9313783979
Anonymous (not verified) on 8 Jun 2016
Hi Ajay, No I have not received any response regarding CBSE/ ICSE pattern schools. This is also my prime concern before I move their probably in Oct-Nov. I am enquiring few people and will let you know if I will get any information. if you get any, please share with me. Thanks Regards Shatrujit
shatrujitsingh on 8 Jun 2016
Hi Ajay, Not yet. however I am trying to get information from other sources also and will let you know if I get something. If you get some news, you also please share with me. Thanks & Regards Shatrujit
jaidevaditya on 9 Jun 2016
Hi Ok lets keep consulting more people ,however search on internet is not showing any results in favor of CBSE schools .. There is an indian school but the board that it follows is not clear .. There is an Amity school in Pretoria but that follows local board
Anonymous (not verified) on 9 Jul 2016
Shatrujit, this is Ranan (ex-TML). Remember me? Incidentally I will be relocating to Jo'burg as well...may be a little earlier than you. Probably I am seeing this a little late but if you are still undecided, we could connect on phone. Please mail your mobile number to if you want to talk.
Anonymous (not verified) on 20 Jul 2016
hi Ranan, Shatrujit, Aditya, like you guys I am also likely to move to Jo'burg in Oct. Have a 6 year old girl studying CBSE-International (new CBSE curriculum) in Mumbai? have you guys managed to find any dope on schooling. particularly interested in knowing the following: 1) School name 2) Board 3) term start date 4) Locality/area
Anonymous (not verified) on 24 Jul 2016
Hi I have tried thru various sources however there seems to be no CBSE school in Jo burg , There is Amity International school in Pretoria but sad part is that it follows local board & so it is difficult to Avoid AFRIKAANS as one of the languages in school .. for kids just getting into class 1 it will not be problem since they will start from beginning however kids in higher classes will have trouble catching up .. In case someone comes up with a CBSE school pls. share
Meagan on 8 Sep 2016
Hi Shatrujit,

To enter Grade R / Grade 0 (the preparatory/reception year before beginning primary school), your daughter should be four turning five by 30 June in the year of admission. (This year isn't compulsory, though.) For Grade 1 she should be five turning six by 30 June in the year of admission.

The SA school year starts in January, assuming she'll be going to a local school - international schools may follow a different timetable, sometimes with a September start as is more common in certain other countries.

To apply, you'll need her birth certificate and an immunisation card as well as some kind of documentation regarding your visa status in South Africa (residence permit, for example, or proof that you're in the process of applying for one).

Kind regards
shatrujitsingh on 7 Sep 2016
Hi Friends, I am planning to relocate to Joburg in Jan'17 My daughter will be 4 & half years old by then. At what level she will get admission in school, when the new session starts? is there any permit or prior formalities required before applying for admission in school. Please help me with above information. Thanks! Shatrujit
shatrujitsingh on 17 Sep 2016
Thanks a lot Meagan Can you guide me with few good SA schools where generally Expat students goes. :)
Anonymous (not verified) on 30 Sep 2016
Hi All I want to know good school for my son, at present he is studying in 7th Standard , he is 12 years old, Can you please suggest some good school I am looking school in below area (Bedfordview) Thank you in advance Regards Sanjay
Meagan on 3 Oct 2016
Hi Sanjay,

At the age of 12 years, that would put your son in Grade 7, which is the final year of primary school in South African - see this link if you'd like more information the South African school system.

Here is a list of private schools in Bedfordview:

This list came from a website called Joburg Expat; click here to view the page I used. It includes a write-up on the schools plus a rough map of where the schools are. (For obvious reasons I have omitted girls' schools that were included in the list).

Bishop Bavin School wasn't included on that list, but is a private co-ed Anglican school in the area, while Bedfordview Primary School is the area's local government school.

For a list of private schools in the wider Johannesburg area, click here, and for a list of international schools in Johannesburg, click here.

Best of luck with your upcoming move.

Subbu on 24 Dec 2016
Hi, I plan to relocate to Centurion in Apr 2017. My kid will be joining 4th grade there. I notice that all private schools have only Afrikaans or Zulu as options for second language. Any advise/ experience as to how a 4th grader starts with Afrikaans and catches up? Also any other options for second language, Hindi or French etc? Help