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Posted by Kisa_Templar
on 26 Dec 2016
Hello everyone,
I'm in need of a bit of advice, my husband and I are looking into moving to the UK from Canada. But I'm not understanding what visa we would need. We would like to move there for more than 3 years. Thank you for responding to my question
Meagan on 6 Jan 2017
Hi Kayla,

That depends on your reason for wanting to move to the UK but in short, you would need either a British passport or a job in the UK before moving there.

It's a bit of a catch 22, but you can't get a work permit without having secured a job, and you can't get a job unless you have the right to work in the country. To have the right to work in the country, you need a work-related visa. More information can be found on our Visas for the UK page. And another useful link here: Check If You Need a UK Visa.

If you're determined to move there, it might be best to consult an immigration lawyer to find out if there are any other options – there aren't really any others as far as I'm aware. One problem is that the UK immigration laws are quite strict and the current government tends towards an anti-immigrant stance.

Is there somewhere specific you'd been thinking of going? If you're flexible on where in the UK you want to live, you could consider the Republic of Ireland, which isn't part of the UK (unlike Northern Ireland, which is). Have a look at our guide here for some info: Moving to Ireland.

Best of luck.


Meagan on 16 Jan 2017
Hi there,

Was either of your biological parents British? If yes, I believe you would be entitled to British citizenship. You can click here to be taken to a page on the British government website which explains how to register as a British citizen.

Anonymous (not verified) on 14 Jan 2017
I was born in the UK in 1964 and have been living in Australia since 1975. I took up Australian Citizenship a year or two after arriving. I also imagine I travelled to Australia on my adopted parents passport. My question is would I still be considered to be of British Nationality and would I be able to get a British Passport and return to the UK permanently? I was adopted and want to meet biological siblings in the UK. Any advice would be appreciated. My email address is Thanks!
Anonymous (not verified) on 19 May 2017
I just got a job offer in UK so what I need to know is to secure a visa what is needed so my visa can be granted? Bongani from Johannesburg S.A.