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29 May 2012

I'm a 20-something South African with IT experience, I've heard there are lots of IT job in India - my question is, are they well paid??? Also, how easy is it to get a job there - are work permits easy to get? Do I get a work permit first or do I need to find a job first? I can't seem to find the info I need. Any advice would help!! Tnx!
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Hi David, I am a software engineer and work for an Indian IT Company. I was working in Joburg for 2 years and came back in April 2012.

With regards to Indian IT industry, it is quite big and lots of ppl are getting into IT field as they graduate our from college.. This trend is even more in southern parts if India. You get to interact with lots of IT guys here locally.

there are chances that u may become one among the crowd In the IT field, unless you own some skills sets which is unique and not easily found in Indian Techies. Indians learn things very fast. So no technology remains unturned.

From what I have seen in south Africa is IT techie is not an easily found profile. So rather live in South Africa as you would be valued lot and definitely you will not get lost in a huge crowd..

Sorry. No idea on work permts etc.,

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Hi David

To answer your questions on work permits

Are work permits easy to get
Well a 'work permit" is equivalent to apply for an Indian Employment Visa in your home country. If all your documenation is in order, it is relatively easy to get an employment visa for India. This is also dependant on the job you are applying for but generally it is not very difficult to secure an employment visa.

Do I get a work permit first or do I need to find a job first?
Well, you would need to get a job first! In order to apply for a work permit (employment visa), you need to submit copies of your contract, letter of offer and an invitation letter from the Indian company hiring you. In some cases, the Indian embassy also requests for a copy of the Memorandum of Association of the Indian company. This, of course, is in addition to the standard visa documents you need to provide. The Employment Visa permits you to work in India. Once you arrive in India, you need to apply for a residence permit within 14 days of your arrival in the country. 

You are quite right, information on work permits especially, is not easy to find, and even when you do find some information, it is usually not up-to-date.

For more information on this you can read the section on India - Visas. You can also email me on for more detailed information.

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