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on 9 Jan 2013
Hi, my names alex from england and im trying to find out information about moving to turkey, life there for a foreigner and how best to find work. ideally id like to find work in civil/structural engineering which i have a masters degree in and 6 years experience, but would also consider other jobs in construction or other fields completely, i have a turkish girl friend as well as lots of other friends there but would be interested to here from english people living there. i speak only a handfull of turkish words and have no English teaching qualifications (id prefer not to teach) any one out there that can offer some help it would be very good to hear from you. cheers
Shantalie on 10 Jan 2013
Hi Alex,

The Turkish government have made it very difficult for foreigners to obtain work permits to take up employment. It might be a good idea to find a job with an engineering company in the UK that has a Turkish office and then get a transfer. 

You also mentioned teaching English and this is a good option for expats moving to Turkey. You will not be required to have an formal English teaching qualifications, just a university degree.

To learn more about the Turkish job market I suggest you have a look at the following pages on Working in Turkey which includes information on useful resources for job seekers. 

Good luck with the move to Turkey.
Abdullah Hakim on 22 Oct 2014 name is luis soares,and we have decide to live in istanbul or around,so we needrent at least one flat or apartment with 3 rooms,our budget is 400till 500 euros per months,cansome people tell me how i can find,and after can we get residence permit please i wait anwser my email