Articles about India

There’s no one-size-fits-all rule for settling into expat life in a new country, but here are a few helpful articles and personal stories that may help make living in India a little easier.

What to expect when moving to Delhi 

So, what do you want out of your Delhi stay? Perhaps you are coming reluctantly and just want to survive. Or perhaps you are adventurous. Read this advice on moving to Delhi from an expat and cross-cultural expert.

Starting a business in India

According to the International Monetary Fund, India is set to become the third largest economy in the world by 2030. But why is it such a major attraction for expat entrepreneurs to start a business

Choosing an international school in India

In an exclusive interview with Expat Arrivals, Harjyot shares some of her insights about the schooling system in India and offers advice to expat parents planning a move to India with children.

Having a baby in India

There is something unknown and uncharted about having a child, and giving birth as an expat in a foreign country could be a bit more daunting. One of the biggest challenges for new foreign arrivals in India would be to understand the options available to them in terms of having a baby.