Getting Around in The Hague

The Hague is a compact city where residents can get around easily on foot. The public transport network is efficient and easy to use and while owning a car is not a necessity, many families choose to have their own vehicle for convenience.

Public transport in The Hague

The city-wide public transport system consists of light rail, trams and buses that connect the various districts. The system is mainly run by HTM and also extends beyond the city limits to some of the surrounding areas.

The public transport system in the Netherlands is integrated and passengers can use the services via the OV Chipkaart system, a card which is swiped as passengers enter and exit a bus, tram or train. This card system is used all over the Netherlands, making it easy to travel between different cities. There is a variety of cards available.


Using the train is often the best option for journeys to destinations outside The Hague. The Nederlandse Spoorwegen has a comprehensive network that stretches across the entire country with approximately 400 stations. 

Light rail

RandstadRail operates The Hague’s light rail system, connecting the city to Rotterdam and Zoetermeer. Services are speedy and regular, with the frequency depending on the route and time of day.


The buses offer an extensive service throughout the city and surrounding areas. The buses are mostly used to travel between districts and larger areas in The Hague.


The trams in The Hague mostly run on free tracks which allow for fast and efficient services. Services vary according to route, but are regular and run on time. The trams are mostly used to move around in the major areas, as it is quick to get on and off.

Taxis in The Hague

While travelling by taxi can be expensive, the fare structure implemented throughout the Netherlands means that passengers can’t be overcharged by drivers. Expats must be certain to only use authorised taxis to ensure that they are not overcharged. Legitimate taxis can be recognised by their blue number plates and the visible rates on both the outside and inside of the car.  In The Hague, one can hail a taxi from the side of the street or one of its many taxi stands. 

Driving in The Hague

Parking is limited in The Hague and can be expensive. Most residents use public transport, but those who want to explore the country might find it useful to have a car. The roads are excellent and because of the relatively small size of the country, most places are easily reachable.

Cycling in The Hague

Locals love to cycle and expats will find this is a fast and cost-effective way to get around. Secondhand bikes are cheap to buy and The Hague’s cycling infrastructure is very good. Unfortunately, bike theft is a problem in the Netherlands, so expats should ensure that their bicycles are always locked up safely. 

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