Cost of Living in Mexico

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cost of living in mexico
Expats will find that the cost of living in Mexico varies substantially depending on location.
It is possible to live inexpensively in the country's rural areas, whereas life in the cities is considerably higher. Compared to its North American neighbours, Mexico is considerably more affordable and prices are generally lower.
Expats relocating to Mexico will find that their overall cost of living is directly related to their lifestyle. Life in Mexico is obviously more expensive for those who frequently purchase luxury items and eat at gourmet restaurants.
An average three-course meal at a restaurant will cost around 250 MXN per person, whereas a bottle of wine is approximately 130 MXN. Expats living in Mexico will likely find accommodation to be their greatest monthly expense; however, this naturally depends on where they live in Mexico, as property prices and rentals can vary considerably.
To rent a two-bedroom unfurnished apartment in Mexico City costs approximately 7,000 MXN per month.
An increasing number of foreigners have been retiring in Mexico in recent years, especially along coastal areas near the resort towns. This is primarily because Mexico offers good property value and an excellent lifestyle. The cost of living in these remote areas is considerably lower than in the city centres.

Cost of living in Mexico chart (2014)

(Note that prices may vary depending on product and service provider and the list below shows average prices)

Accommodation (monthly rent)
Two bedroom apartment in city centre MXN 7,000
Two bedroom apartment outside city centre MXN 5,000
Food and drink
Dozen eggs MXN 26
Milk (1 litre) MXN 14.5
Rice (1kg) MXN 15.5
Loaf of white bread MXN 23
Chicken breasts (1kg) MXN 80
Pack of cigarettes (Marlboro) MXN 43
Eating out
Big Mac meal MXN 72
Coca Cola        MXN 10
Cappuccino  MXN 31
Bottle of beer (local)     MXN 20
Three course meal at a mid-range restaurant MXN 250
Utilities/household (monthly)
Mobile call rate (per minute – mobile to mobile) MXN 2.5
Internet (Uncapped ADSL or cable – average per month)  MXN 400
Basic utilities (Average per month for standard household) MXN 780
Taxi rate/km  MXN 7
Bus fare in the city centre        MXN 7
Gasoline (per litre) MXN 13

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