Public Holidays in Qatar




Sports Day

13 February

12 February

Eid al-Fitr

15-17 June

5-9 June

Eid al-Adha

22-24 August

11-14 August

National Day

18 December

18 December


*Although not a public holiday, Ramadan is an important part of life in Qatar.

*Islamic holidays are subject to change based on sightings of the moon


It is worthwhile to note that the weekend in Qatar runs over Friday and Saturday, with Friday being the main day of religious observance.  Some businesses may only work half a day on Thursday and then shut for all of Friday. Smaller shops will either be shut all of Friday or only open after the afternoon call to prayer, while the larger shops will only be closed on Friday morning.


Furthermore, Qatar is a Muslim country, so it is only in rare cases that expats will get the traditional Christmas, New Year and Easter days off.