Working in Chicago

Expats looking to work in Chicago are often drawn to its engaging and fast-paced business environment. Due to its central location in the country, the Windy City enjoys a pivotal role in both national and international trade. This has led to a history of economic strength, which has softened the blow of the recent financial crisis considerably compared with other cities in the US.

After reaching peak unemployment levels in 2010, unemployment rates have steadily declined and job prospects have expanded, particularly in the services sector. Salaries in Chicago are also higher than the national average.

Job market in Chicago

The diversity of Chicago’s business climate remains its biggest strength and security. Expats looking for employment in Chicago shouldn't experience much difficulty, as its wide range of industries caters for a variety of specialised fields. 

The city is famous for its financial sector, which is one of the most prolific in the country and is home to an impressive number of Fortune 500 companies. Other notable industries in Chicago include manufacturing, IT and health services. Transportation and distribution are also key business sectors, primarily due to the city’s ideal location at the crossroads of domestic and international trade routes. 

Finding a job in Chicago

The job search in Chicago is best started online. Most companies and employment agencies advertise vacancies on their own websites as well as on various job portals. 

Networking is also an important element of finding a job in Chicago, and expats should focus on expanding their contacts and building relationships within the corporate environment.

Expats wanting to work in Chicago are required to have a work permit for the USA.

Work culture in Chicago

Being such an international hub, the working environment in Chicago is incredibly ethnically diverse and the city is a prime location for international business activity. Expats can therefore expect to work with people from all over the world, immersed in an assortment of business cultures.

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