Accommodation in Cincinnati

Cincinnati's location straddles the borders of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, which means that expats moving to the city have a wide pool of housing options in terms of neighbourhoods, types of architecture and price range.

Factors to consider when deciding on a home in Cincinnati will include proximity to one's workplace, access to transport links, and, for expats with children, the capacity of local schools. In addition, expats will need to consider lifestyle preferences – such as being close to nightlife and entertainment facilities or access to green areas and open spaces. 

Types of accommodation

Expats will find a range of property options in Cincinnati. From post-war houses in older neighbourhoods to modern riverfront apartments and condos, there is something to suit everyone’s preferences.

The type of accommodation available will often depend on location. Larger family homes are generally found in outlying suburbs, while accommodation in the more densely packed city centre is mostly in the form of apartments.

Finding accommodation in Cincinnati

Expats relocating to Cincinnati should begin their research on properties before arriving in the country. The internet is a great place to get the search started – websites, forums and blogs offer advice and insight into the experiences of other expats. Real estate websites and property portals are also useful as they allow expats to get a good idea of what is available and the costs involved in renting property in different parts of Cincinnati. Once in Cincinnati, the classifieds sections of the local newspapers can also be useful.

As expats are generally unfamiliar with the property market in a new city, the best bet is to consult a real estate agent. These professionals have an intimate knowledge of the property market and can often provide access to a wider range of properties, in order to find a place that meets an individual’s needs.

Renting property in Cincinnati

Most expats relocating to Cincinnati opt to rent property rather than buy, at least initially. There are plenty of furnished and unfurnished rental options available in Cincinnati.

Once renters have found a suitable property the first step is to secure a lease. In order to do so, expats will need to prove that they can cover the first month’s rent upfront as well as another month’s rent as a security deposit. Agents or landlords may carry out credit checks and it’s wise for expats to have references from previous landlords or one’s employer as these may also be requested.

Before signing a lease, tenants should establish what is included in the rental cost and whether utilities such as water, gas and electricity are an additional expense. 

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