Moving to Los Angeles

Widely known as the City of Angels, expats moving to Los Angeles will encounter the USA at its vibrant, bewildering best as the second biggest city in the country. Los Angeles, commonly known as LA, provides a counterweight to the sometimes curt and dense cities of the East Coast. It sprawls across the West Coast, boasting beautiful beaches alongside immense stretches of desert.

Golden beaches and beautiful people project a glamorous LA culture that resonates around the world. This “centre of the earth” type ambience inspires ultra-modern trends, cutting-edge entertainment, trendy restaurants and vibrant nightlife.

Unfortunately such extreme beauty is not without a price and not all aspects of the city are a walk in the park. In stark contrast to the city's much-talked-about laidback coastal lifestyle, some parts of LA have underfunded schools, high crime rates, and large ghettos.

A very diverse population spread over such a large area has created microcosms of city within city. These insular neighbourhoods can offer expats a sense of community within an expansive area. However, everyone must endure some realities of living within the greater LA metropolis, such as below par air quality and extremely long commutes across a city with a far from perfect public transportation system.

The residents of Los Angeles are a health-conscious bunch and, as a result, expats moving to the city will find a number of fantastic healthcare facilities available to them – providing they possess fully-comprehensive health insurance. Expats should note that while the standard of hospitals and medical treatment in LA is excellent, it does come with a hefty price tag.

The city also has a diverse business community, with industries tapping into nearly every sector of America's economy as well as overseas markets. While the business culture in LA might be a little more relaxed than one would find along the East Coast, expats moving to the city for job opportunities will find that the world of work is still very competitive. 

Despite the challenges of living in Los Angeles, the city continues to attract expats and Americans alike in droves, all wanting to experience a bit of the magic of life in California. Expats open to the full experience of LA are bound to find their place in this dazzling city.

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